TECNOASFALTOS Y TERRACERRÍAS, as a business company within the construction sector meets its business purpose, contributing to the development and progress of the community, generating employment, richness and wellbeing, as well as performing urbanization and infrastructure projects of great quality, which exactly meet the specifications agreed upon by the clients, as well as with the regulations established by law.

We are convinced that by joining efforts, we can fully achieve our institutional commitment towards the community, reason why, we are worried in regards to the incorporation of our organization of valuable people who are responsible, and have principles and values; people who give their maximum effort, who understand and practice teamwork, who know how to work together in harmony and unity while reaching objectives and group goals.


Over 25 years of experience backs us, time in which a good number of private clients and municipal, state and federal governments, have accredited and back us. The quality and durability of our projects speak for themselves because we use the latest technologies and quality materials, which constitute the key to guarantee the projects taken on, respecting guidelines, policies and standards established by different institutions and companies which recognize our projects


Contribute to society in the generation of richness and wellbeing, using technology, systems and the state-of-the-art processes, which allow us to provide excellent service, as well as elevate productivity while performing top notch projects.


Create a highly profitable company, using the best systems, processes and technologies.

Implement policies and procedures that motivate the professional and human development of the personnel, which allows us to count with a motivated and productive team, with the purpose of offering durable jobs which are presentable and environmentally friendly.